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About Us

Carla and Carla started as a small Etsy shop in 2010. I had hoped to sell-off some of my vintage clothes to make room for more! Well, it has expanded beyond any of my hopes and dreams, and we decided to open this more comprehensive online store. This is a woman owned and operated business!

We are still actively running our Etsy shop, and will be expanding services and benefits for our Etsy customers here (we will give rewards here from your C&C Etsy purchases, of course!)  We wanted to include a rewards program for our loyal customers, to give them more discounts and benefits. Sometimes I find garments that may not be quite vintage-enough for Etsy but are certainly iconic to the time they were designed (1990s anyone?) We also wanted to link our blog where we have articles on appraisals, care and restoration of many vintage classics.

I really want to present a certain vision to customers who appreciate an Urban and eclectic take on wearing vintage in re-imagined ways. My aesthetic ranges from Flower-child to Goth-Chic. 60s garden party to CBGB underground.

Back in the 1980s, I loved mixing ‘30s and ‘40s crepe dresses with fishnets and leather and wearing grandma cardigans backwards with anything Betsey Johnson! Man-tailored tuxedo jackets with pedal-pushers and pointy-toe cowboy boots were signature staples in my closet.

I also get to share my passion for rare collectable "super-vintage" garments from the Edwardian and Victorian era into the 19-teens. We have stand-out styles from every decade, and soon we will be offering some brand-new items intended to accessorize with our vintage offerings (for example, hosiery and undergarments!)

As the old saying goes, "Vintage is not just an old dress." To us "Vintage" mean iconic to the era, and a real stylistic stand-out piece from the time period.

We hope you enjoy our efforts at curating a wonderful selection of real vintage styles that you can re-imagine for yourself, to wear to events or just around the house!

We are currently working on a Vintage Museum, where you can browse everything Carla and Carla has sold over the years (over 3000 vintage treasures!) We have some big plans for our museum which can help people with appraisals and references to these by-gone eras!  So stay tuned!

Carla Rey